Have you ever seen a piece of land cracking up to reveal something you did not expect to find? There was something that scientists could not wrap their heads around when they came across this particular discovery. Is this a sign that the world as we know it is coming to an end?

This land where this remarkable scientific finding took place is none other than White Land Antarctica. Antarctica is actually starting to crack apart into ice chips. Human doings and other environmental factors have resulted in this piece of land to reveal something that has remained hidden and unknown for all these years…

When an enormous iceberg broke apart in Antarctica, it went deep into the sea. This split in the land has given birth to something even scientists are still struggling to figure out to this day…

The White Land

Antarctica is a piece of land, made up of ice, undoubtedly beautiful to look at. It has even been called the ” white-snow paradise”. There is nothing like this enchanting stretch of land on this earth. This land is situated at the peninsular zones and spread across 14 million square kilometers. What’s more? It is the fifth largest continent on planet earth and might even be twice the size of Australia.

There have been many theories that suggest that this piece of land was once flourishing with vegetation and not just barren with white everywhere. It is a little hard to imagine this continent full of ice and freezing water could house plants and animals once upon a time. How did it become a land of ice? What are the reasons behind it becoming like this?

The Surprising History

Scientists have stated that about 170 million years ago Antarctica was a part of a bigger supercontinent called Gondwana. It was not what we see and know of today. Throughout history, this white land has gone through many changes. About 25 million years ago, this land detached itself from the supercontinent only to become the land we know about today.

It was actually located in the northern region and faced tropical climates. The land was full of vegetation and life, which is a stark contrast of the condition it is in today. So how come it went all the way to the polar region, packed with ice? Was it due to the earth’s revolution or a 360 degrees tremor that turned this once vivacious piece of land into something it is today?

The Controversial Maps

This land of wonder had been a curiosity for many throughout history. The map of where Antarctica lies can be dated back to the 1500s. One particular map stands out among all the other maps. By 1513, a Turkish Admiral Piri Reis had come up with a map of Antarctica.

This drew a lot of criticism from people and to this day, this has still sparked some controversy whenever discussed. We still have a lot of information that needs to be dug up regarding this incredible landscape. Many researchers have tried their best to uncover whatever they can…

Searching For Antarctica

There is one fact about Antarctica which clearly proves that vegetation was present there in the course of history. There has been proof of the land being invaded in history. If this were true then where did these invaders disappear to? What were they living off for survival? What kind of a relationship did humans have with this continent? Was there war? Was there blood shed? SO many questions arose when it came down to this land’s history.

A Mission

By the time 1946 and 1947 came, a military operation named Operation ‘High-Jump’ happened. This was a secret operation where the military had planned on learning and exploring the mysterious land of “Secret Antarctica”. The public was not informed of this mission and was funded by the government. This operation was confidential so it did not reach the ears of anyone who was not to know about it. How came this had to be a secret in the first place though?

The Discovery

So the question on your mind must be about what did the people going on this mission discover, right? Everything that needed to be uncovered slowly started to unravel after this trip to the poles. A documentary called Third Reich – Operation UFO was about this expedition that was made by the military to the land of Antarctica. It truly opened up a lot of facts about this mysterious land. Around 70,000 pictures were taken so as to understand and study what the land was all about.