Pug: Then

In China, pugs were famous for their royal lifestyle, this breed used to have their own quarters served by guards. The popularity of Pugs reached Europe in the sixteenth century, Europeans got fascinated toward pugs. Not just that, Queen Victoria of Europe took immense interest in pugs breeding to have a large population of pugs in her country. Pugs were not used for entertainment purpose only in Italy they were used for carriage vehicle ride on the streets, drivers dressed them like they used to dress. Pug have got the acceptance of American Kennel Club from an early time.

Pugs Then


From there on, Pugs underwent many changes. One reason for this is that the breed has crossed with many other breeds, usually the smaller terriers. This is why they have their signature brachycephalic snout. Once a Chinese purebred, it paved the way for several problems.  The cute snout of there poses many health problems to them such as breathing difficulty, high blood pressure, low oxygen intake and jaw and tooth disease and incapability to regulate body heat. They are also vulnerable to dermatitis and paralysis. Encephalitis or PDE is the most dangerous disease Pugs gets affected by. Surprisingly, the Pug is the only breed that gets struck by it.Encephalitis causes inflammation of mind.

Pugs Now