Time changes, so do the people, err, dogs! Yes, they change a lot, by change here I mean the literal one. Today we are going to dig in the past and find out what changes they underwent over the century. For some dog, the changes were so drastic that would take you aback completely. Even if you are a dog lover and knows a lot about their origin, breeding and today’s condition I bet you would not be knowing as much about them as this article does. You would be surprised to know how Beagle looked like a century ago. The Bulldog who is very popular today had a very traumatic past a 100 year ago. Also the actual purpose of breeding adorable white and black furry Dalmatians. They all were bred for some other reasons but eventually are popular today for some other.

P.S. Do not miss out on the very complicated past story of German Shepherd.

Dachshund: Then

It is believed that Dachshunds are very ancient breed. As one dog breed like them has been described in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. With the speculation that they also have roamed around the streets of ancient China and South America. Newly found evidence in Egyptian Tomb provides a firm base to this assumptions. Similarly, no clarity has been made on the originality of Dachshund. Some say Dachshunds are the offsprings of hounds and terriers. On the other hand, some theorize that they are the descendants of Pointers and Pinschers. They were used for chasing the wild boar off. Dachshunds are very much linked with the royalty and were taken in use by nobles, with Queen Victoria taking a special interest in them.


There is a reason for everything. They were intentionally bred with low belly and pointy tail so that they could hunt better. They were used for hunting the small animals such as badgers, rabbits, and hares. The tail of the Dachshund can also be used for popping it out while getting stuck in a critter’s layer. These characteristics of the breed have grown even further in today’s Dachshunds. Their belly has sulked down but does not hamper the speed of the dog.  They are also open to diseases like intervertebral disc and paralysis due to their long back and neck. But the good thing is that they are very good as a pet and remains affectionate to their owners. They are also popular for being extremely kid friendly.

Dachshunds Now

Beagle: Then

Did you know that the already tiny teeny Beagles were so small that they could easily get into your palm? If you are wondering how small could they have been the let me tell you at those time they were only eight inches tall. With the change in time, their size also changed and they acquired little more length. Many parts of its history of origin is obscure but it is said that the beagles were bred for hunting purpose in Greece in the fifth century. By the time the eighth century came, the Beagles had become like the scent hounds who served as the hunter regardless their slow pace. There is one more theory that states that in order to enhance the pace and promptness, the Beagles were bred with Greyhounds.

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Beagles have gone through bad and good bread practices both that have impacted its growth. The changes can be seen in their appearance and personalities. Today’s Beagles have outgrown its previous size and are bigger. It happened due to the growing demand for stronger hunting dogs. In order to meet that demand, they were bred with other large sized and agiler canines. Their faces are wider and can grow up to 30 pounds. If we talk about their character then they continue to be inquisitive, determined and very foody. It might sound unbelievable to you but yes, they love food. Besides that, they are very sensitive and, good with hot weather and is incredibly good with other kids. Those who love to groom their dog can opt for this as they can easily be groomed.

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German Shepherd: Then

The German Shepherd began to breed in the nineteenth century. The Phylax Society was formed of shepherds that wanted to breed a sheep herding dog. But soon, the society broke as they had a different opinion regarding what to keep, more importantly, beauty or working ability. Max von Stephanitz the former member of the group was all certain to breed a perfect German Shepherd though there was no need for this breed in highly urbanized society. Stephanitz made lots of efforts and eventually succeeded in breeding Beowulf, the predecessor of all the German Shepherds.

German Shepherds Then


The modern German Shepherd has lost that agility and sleekness they used to have a century ago. One reason for this is that they are no more bred for the purpose of sheepdogs. It has a distended stomach and rounded chest. It has a very clumsy gait and a sloping back and a very big size. This breed is predisposed to hip and elbow dysplasia and degenerative myelopathy. Myelopathy is an inherited neurological condition that leads to the breaking of communication between the dog’s brain and its hind limbs. Despite all this shortcoming, the German Shepherd is still one of the popular dogs among the people.

German Shepherds Now