One of the most important things that a person can do is help others. This story revolves around a baby elephant who had been abandoned by his family and was in desperate need of help. The baby elephant could not turn to anyone because the family had already gone way ahead. But then, help came about in the most unexpected way for this poor elephant. After reading this, you will have your faith restored in humanity because of the kind act it involves.

Beautiful Africa

Africa, as we all know, is one of the most beautiful lands in the whole world. This can be clearly seen because Africa is one of the richest places where flora and fauna flourish. The wildlife is in full abundance. The country is best known for the spectrum of animals that spread across its territory. One of the most amazing animals that Africa has would be elephants because they are mighty, calm and one of the strongest animls you will ever meet.

Gigantic Elephants

The African lands are blessed with many types of animals including elephants. These animals are definitely one of the biggest land animals with whom no other species of animals dare to have problems with. Even though they are not predators, they are among the most feared animals in the planet and even lions do not necessarily get aggressive with them. They do not really attack other animals and are peaceful animals but often fall prey to aggressive and fearsome predators that also roam the African lands.

The Lost Baby Elephant

This story is about an elephant calf who was unfortunately lost from his dear family. He had been left behind with no one to turn to for help or company. It is unfortunate for this baby elephant because we all know that Africa is filled with predators that go to great lengths to devour any prey they can possibly find on their horizon! Even animals as gigantic as an elephant often face problems that are life-threatening and could pose a threat to their peaceful existence. This is how it all started…

African Rangers

This story initially started after a gang of rangers went around doing their job and patrolling the jungle. It was like any other day at work and the rangers were just looking for animals or people that needed some help. They were walking around when they suddenly noticed a strange movement in the bushes nearby. In the jungle, since anything is possible, you never know what kind of animal you might be faced with, so you always have to be on guard. They grew curious and wanted to find out what it was…

Something Moving

When they saw something moving in the bushes, the rangers were very shocked and surprised. They were a little scared that it may be an angry predator which was capable enough to wipe them out with a single swipe or bite. But as soon as they saw that it was just a baby elephant, they approached it. Since elephants do no pose so much harm to people, they were not fearful, and wanted to investigate why it was there. They found that the baby elephant was all alone and it immediately made them question why.

A Helping Hand

Since the little elephant was all alone, the rangers felt really sorry for it and wanted to help it right away. Even though the rangers were there to do something else, they made a decision to just drop everything they were doing to help the stranded elephant. Finding a helpless baby elephant in the middle of a jungle would cause anyone who owns a heart, to help it, right? They were going to help the elephant but first, they wanted to know the reason why the baby elephant was abandoned in the first place.