Complicated Relationship

This story revolves around Shannon Wilfong and Michael Chekevdia. Although they dated, their love life was certainly not a smooth one. The pair did not have the most ideal relationship, however, the two still continued to stay by each other’s side. They did not expect their relationship to meet with any change but in 2002, when their son Ricky was born, everything started to get even more complex.

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In Court

Michael was so excited to finally be able to get to know his son since he had to spend so much time away overseas due to his job. When he got back and Shannon refused to give him time with Ricky, he had enough of her nonsense. In 2007, Michael filed a case against Shannon. He took her to court as she was not following their custody agreement. He hoped the judge reminded and ordered her to respect his visitation rights they previously agreed on.

No-Show In Court


So when Michael had no choice but to take the matter to court, he finally files his case against Shannon. And soon a court date was finally set. You would think a sane person would respect the court of law but Shannon ended up being a no-show. The judge then looked into this matter to come up with a solution. He then granted Michael temporary custody. The battle was just beginning when this happened…

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Something To Hide?

Diane had kept these posters and signs all over her yard to let everyone see her message. She was putting so much effort to ensure that Michael’s evil side was exposed. This was not all, Diane even gave out flyers at Michael’s church and all over the neighborhood to scar his reputation. Michael could immediately tell that something was off, that she had something to hide.

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Father And Son Reunited

After being separated again and again from his dear son, Michael finally got what he had always been longing for. The eager father got permanent custody of Ricky after the case was closed. After all that he had been through, it must have been such a relief to finally know for sure that his son would not be taken away from him anymore. He then took an early retirement from the National Guard a year after to be able to spend time with his son.

Father And Son Were Together Again