Do you believe in haunted houses? To believe in those you would first have to be a believer of supernatural elements. We have heard a lot about haunted places, graveyards, palaces, and mansions. More often than not the creeks on the floor and the weird noises in the night turn out to be nothing more than wrong wiring or a mouse. But there have been instances when the houses have been proven to have been a residence of beings who were not human. One such mystery is of this mansion. This mansion and an island located not too far from New York were abandoned for different reasons, each creepier than the other.

Abandoned North Brother IslandAbandoned North Brother Island, New York City

One place abandoned by the humans is the North Brother Island which has been a source of fascination to explorers and historians for decades now. It is a 13-acre piece of property which was abandoned in the 1960s and since then the island has been deteriorating. “North Brother Island is what will happen to the whole of our civilization when humanity is dead,” a Radiolab producer once noted. A photographer named 2e decided to visit the infamous island which is only accessible by boat and captured some disturbing and haunting photos which betray the 50 years old history of the place. What happened here?