It is common to meet couples that claim that it was fate that brought them together. Although the idea seems sweet, it does not necessarily happen in literal terms. Heidi and Ed Savitt have a completely different tale to tell regarding their love life.

The Start Of It All

Heidi Parker and Ed Savitt finally decided to let both families meet after over four years of being together. The couple planned a dinner in Wandsworth, southwest London. They invited Ed’s mother, Fiona, and Heidi’s mother, Kay. While they were having dinner, a big revelation shocked everyone.

Their First Meeting

Both of them joined the Newcastle University back in the year 2011. Ed was majoring in Psychology and Business, and Heidi was studying Economics and Management. The couple didn’t meet in a classroom, though. Their actually first meeting sounds like a scene from a movie.

Please Fix My Dryer?

Ed had recently shifted to a student house where Heidi had previously stayed in. He found out that the dryer was not working properly and that he would need some help. Heidi’s name just so happened to be on a community board, so, Ed messaged her to ask if she knew how to use the dryer. When Heidi popped up, he immediately knew that he needed to ask her out.

Planning A Future

They instantly connected. “We knew we were going to be together forever,” Heidi said in an interview. Their bond grew stronger with each year that passed. Their mothers were getting along during the party, which was good since they would be in each other’s lives for the long haul. No one could foresee what they would be discussing later in the night.

Telling Anecdotes

Fiona and Kay after hours of having a conversation found they had a lot in common. Both of them adored going on vacations, which isn’t unusual for British families, who enjoy spending the cold winter months in the warmer weather of the Mediterranean. Kay told a story of vacationing with her kids when they were still little. Then an interesting thing happens next…

Summer Love

Kay took a then 6-year-old Heidi to Gumbet, Turkey. She told an adorable story about how Heidi had a vacation “boyfriend.” The two kids became extremely close to one another, even holding hands at one point. Fiona smashed her wine glass when she heard what Kay had to say next.