Everybody realizes that pets are a great compatriot, they give us unconditional love. It is even said that a puppy is man’s closest companion. Here are some safe house puppy selection stories that we expect would make you either treat your canine better or ideally inspire you to adopt one. Read about their enthusiastic stories and their sheer happiness on being embraced by adoring families.

Power Of Adoption

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There have been a plethora of stories about the great impact an adoption can have on the life of a shelter pet be it a dog or even a cat, who are treated with no affection and care – but words fade in comparison to seeing that uncontrolled joy first hand. We sometimes forget that dogs are like humans beings on so many levels: their behavior reveals everything about them. They are inarguably important partners in life.

Surprised About His Adoption

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A dog named Benny is a cute and shy dog. He did not know a bit about what the future holds for him. His long wait of being adopted was finally over. Surprisingly for him, a family adopted him. He had never expected that he would ever get a permanent home, where he would get proper care and attention.

Spent Maximum Time in Carson Animal Care Center

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He spent maximum part of his life in a shelter home. He lived in Carson Animal Care Center, a kill shelter located in Gardena, California. He just hoped that there would come a day when a family would come and rescue him. And finally, things changed for him.

Finally Adopted

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So, a few months back, a beautiful family adopted Benny. He was really surprised and overwhelmed. He could barely control his emotions. He was ecstatic which was totally opposite of his behavior inside the cage. His life was indeed dull inside his cage where he couldn’t do anything except sitting.

Happy Ending For Benny

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Albeit Benny’s story has a positive ending, sadly, there are millions of shelter dogs who are in similar condition, in which Benny was in the shelter home. The number is countless.  You cannot even count the number of pets that need caring and affection, maybe just even in your neighborhood. To know more about adopting a pet, or to discover other ways of helping them just visit your local animal shelter.

The next story is of little Chip who exuded a great amount of patience and endurance. He was adopted after waiting for 15 years. That is a long wait if we go about it in doggie years.

A long wait for Chip

Chip arrived at the animal shelter when he was just 7 weeks old. All he required was a loving and a caring family. But little did he knew, that he had to wait for that moment for long 15 years.