Having a new member in your family can be a big decision to make, and it can turn your life around, changing it in so many ways which could some times be negative and some times positive. And what would happen if that new member is a dog?

Getting a dog for your family can be a strenuous task in the first place. They have a lot of bad habits and can be real mischief-makers but they can also be loving and caring.

The Davis family decided to adopt a dog. And this decision changed their lives forever because the dog they adopted turned out to have really unusual habits and ways. How would the decision of adopting a dog change the life of the family forever?

Little Pooches

Dogs are rightly called human’s best friend. They are always by your side, cuddling and loving you. They are loyal to their masters and would do anything for their family. The incident that you are about to read is an altogether different story with very unusual instances that took place in the Davis family. 

The Davis’

The Davis family is a small and loving family. Nola and Richard married each other and have two little kids, a girl named Clara and a boy named Andrews. They lived in a small house enough for the sweet family to keep them cozy and comfortable. But soon things were going to change. 

Kids’ Love For Dogs

There’s hardly any child who doesn’t love dogs. Yes, they are afraid of them at first, but once they get to know them and befriend them, dogs are their best of friends. And dogs too take care of the children around them like no one else.


Like almost every other kid who loves dogs, Clara and Andrews also wanted a dog for themselves. They wanted someone to play with which would be much more than a toy for them, a best friend and a companion in their childhood. 


Nola and Richard disagreed to fulfill the children’s demand because they did not want an extra responsibility. They wanted to concentrate wholly on bringing up their kids and did not want to make any compromises in that. Plus, raising a dog brings extra costs to bear along with it. And maybe their decision would have been the right decision to not have a dog, but.. 


Parents often have to bow down in front of the stubbornness of their children who were in this case adamant that they wanted a dog. So Nola and Richard did not really have any other choice than to agree upon getting a pooch for the kids.