If you have seen a horse, you would know that they are one of the most majestic animals on the whole planet. With their glorious mane and their sleek fur, one look at horses and you can find yourself falling in love with them. So have you ever seen a horse that glows in the sunlight? One that looks like the statues and monuments we see in historical buildings, coated in gold?

What if we were to tell you that such a horse actually exists? Do you believe that such a horse could ever exist?  It not only exists but also, this horse could definitely give the mighty Carthusian horse a run for its money… Well take a look and read for yourself…

The Golden Horse

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So a horse that looks to be taken straight out of a movie scene or a fairy tale book really does exist in this world. Take a look at unarguably the most beautiful horse in the whole wide world. This angelic horse goes by the name Akhal-Teke. Yes, even the name sound so fancy doesn’t it? Horse experts from all over have time and again stated that this horse is the most beautiful horse in the world and we can’t say we disagree. Try looking at this golden wonder without dropping your jaws.

Dipped In Gold

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So what breed of horse it this you may be asking. Well, the Akhal-Teke is a horse belongs to a very distinctive breed to boast. It has been reported that there are only around 6000 of these horses in the world. This could be the main reason why you have never heard of or seen this type of horse before in your life. So then, another question pops up if you think about these horses that somehow seem unreal. Where are these fabulous horses from and how does one get to see them in person?

Originating In Turkmenistan

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This wonderful breed of horse called Akhal-Teke originates from the beautiful country Turkmenistan. They are known to be one of the oldest breeds of horses on the planet as well. Horse experts have stated that these horses are a direct descendant from the Turkoman Horse. Ancient Teke Turkmen tribes knew very early that this particular breed of horses is a special one and they have bred them with a specific technique because of a very special reason. They would beat the odds who underestimate them for their physical appearance. Read on to find out what this special breeding purpose is…

Special Traits

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When you look at the Akhal-Teke horse, you can immediately tell that such a magical horse must have some sort of use that ordinary horse isn’t capable of. Well, the Turkmen tribes had been breeding them in a highly selective manner so that the Ahkhal-Teke can be used in the time of raiding and warfare. There is a good explanation as to why this is practiced. These horses are not only strong and resilient, there is another trait that they have that make them all the more eligible.

Brilliant Coloring

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Well, in case you have not noticed, there is one fairly obvious thing that makes these horses stand out. The brilliant colors that these horses are covered in, is actually a very special gene called the cream gene. The cream gene is the reason why these horses have such a unique metallic shine especially exposed to sunlight. This gene has been handled carefully so that these horses can pass it on from generation to generation. This has been a successful task so far and we can still see these horses in their glorious coat color trotting around. 

Battle Horse

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One would definitely treasure these horse for the mere fact that they are so very beautiful. They could even pass as awards because of their golden shimmery fur. These horses are not only aesthetically pleasing but also hold a very special role during wars and battles. These horses served as a very powerful ally to ancient Teke tribes because of their impressive and quick speed. They truly played an essential role in building up the empire of the ancient Teke tribes in the olden days…