Well, after taking a look at the heading of this article, you surely would have got an idea of what you are going to witness in the images below. Nobody can shy away from the fact that everybody be it the richest or the poorest face problems in their lives. The fact that some come up victorious and some succumb underneath the burden of the problems they face totally depends on the mindset of a person and how one tackle the obstacles in front of him. The decision to choose which side he is on totally depends on the person concerned. If you want to witness some wacky incidents which are equally capable of inspiring us to never lose hope and keep our cool even in the toughest of the situations then surely read this article.

I Want A Friend Like This

badsituation-4.jpgOne of the best examples of thinking out of the box and not succumbing to the situation. We all know that unable to find silverware while sitting to have lunch can turn out to be life’s worst tragedy. But, the man who was meant to eat the food inside the lunch box you see in the image had a plan to tackle the situation. The way he did it is clearly visible in the picture and by the look of it, one can surely say that it came out perfectly for him. Sheer brilliance, that’s it. It would have taken a lot of effort on the man’s part to precisely weave the chopsticks on the knife. The best part is that the final object that is the fork is made up by amalgamating two different objects a knife and four chopsticks. Though, it gives the fork a completely indigenous look.


HI-YAHAgain, an image depicting the scene of a car with after it got crashed which led to the window getting completely smashed.But, instead of having remorse the owner of this car saw an opportunity to click a photo with her daughter in it. The way he planned it is obviously visible and commendable. The expression given by the girl while landing a kung-fu kick on the window is priceless and on the point. It would not come as a surprise to me if someone believes that the reason for the shattered glass is this girl’s kick seeing the realistic touch in it. This girl surely deserves some applause for totally comprehending the situation that was being created and coming up with a photo like this. This image would surely tempt some famous UFC women fighters to train this girl under their guidance.


DogtiniThey are endless reasons to prove that dogs are undisputedly the best animals to be kept as a pet in one’s house. Most obvious ones of it being loyal, extremely adorable, and not to forget loving towards his its owner. But, the person who came up with the idea of this image just gave another reason to love them even more which I guess nobody would be aware of. The reason being for turning a dog into a Martini. To be a little realistic, I don’t find any possible reason for any dog owner to make his dog sit while wearing a lampshade around his neck. But, he should also be given the credit for coming up with this amusing and insane idea which has made his dog look even more adorable. The poker face looks that the dog has is remarkable and worth remembering.

Too Real

Too RealOur mobile phones are one of the dearest things to us. So it is quite obvious that looking at the broken screen of one’s phone is usually an annoying and painful affair. But, since this article is all about those people who dealt with such situations in the coolest and effective of ways, this image also does so. When the owner of this phone witnessed the horrific sight of his phone’s screen completely shattered, he came up with an indigenous and genius idea. This boy sure knows how to change the perception of other people towards things which is evident in the crafty way he has selected his wallpaper which gives a sense of the Spiderman weaving his web on what was originally a broken screen. Ths image and the mind of the boy behind is impressive to the core.


CheckmateThe worst and best thing about a spray paint is that is extremely hard to remove from the surface on which painting is done. Well, in this case, a man used the bad side of it to make a Swastika on the wall of his friend’s house to show how much he hated him. But, if one has a brain inclined towards creativity and smart thinking then handling even the toughest of the problems seem to be a child’s play. Evidently, this is what the man to whom the wall belonged did to cover up the Swastika. Yeah, I guess the long period of staring at the windows logo while our computer’s booted came to this man’s rescue. He used his precise spraying talent to create this nostalgic logo. Most importantly, no one can even say that there was a Swastika on the wall before it.

Enough Is Enough

Enough Is EnoughFull credit to the high and positive spirit of the man. I can bet that there are very few car owners who would come with something as witty and hilarious as this after getting their car bumped so bad. No doubt, the man made the best out of the situation rather than blaming his luck. I don’t know about you but, every time I see this picture it seems as if it is speaking narrating the atrocities and literally asking to stop. Apart from coming up with something extremely unique and hilarious this man also made sure that he saves some bucks on buying a customized plate rather than an expensive and totally new one. I hope the man learned his lessons after the accident and drove his car with an increased attention and caution.