In life, we all face a certain set of drawbacks and hardships. We each have our own insecurities we have to deal with. The feeling of not being good enough or not worth it is sad but something that threads all of us together. This mother had a passion of her own but was never given the chance to fully blossom and delve into it. But, as luck would have it, she was given the chance that she had never been handed before. This was a unique chance that would certainly never come by again. To say that it flipped her whole life would definitely be an understatement…

Making Ends Meet

This mom is married with four kids, living together in Texas. Her name is Tanna Marino. She has been was working and putting in all she can to feed her family. But her family was still struggling to make ends meet and the long hours were draining her. With all of her kids depending on her, she had to look for a means to earn some more money quickly.

Draining The Life Out Of Her

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Tanna was taking care of her kids while working a full-time job. So you can already imagine how busy and hectic her life was. It was constant work both in and out of the home. Since she could feel herself withering away mentally and physically, she knew something had to be done. Little did she know fate had something in store for the stressed-out mother…

A Proposal

This story began all the way back in 2011. Tanna Marino had a job at Mr. Appliance, a company that repaired and also gave maintenance services. Mr. Appliance was actually a franchise of parent company Dwyer Group. Tann by chance received an invite to join a TV pilot for a show. She did not know what she actually got herself into and was unaware of the fact that this show was going to change her life in ways she was not necessarily prepared for.

A Television Star

When Tanna Marino was invited to star in a brand new TV show, she was very intrigued; who wouldn’t be? If somebody calls you on the phone and offers you a unique opportunity, you can’t help but be interested. All Tanna knew at the beginning was that the show was called Don’t Quit Your Day Job and, given the opportunity to become a potential television star, Tanna said yes. However, as it turns out, that wasn’t the REAL name of the show…

Undercover Work

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The show was not called ‘Don’t Quit Your Day Job’; in fact, this show was actually a CBS program called ‘Undercover Boss’. As the name suggests, ‘Undercover Boss’ works is a top-level manager at a company who actually gets to do the job of someone who is in the lower ranks of a company. The manager remains anonymous and does not reveal their identity in the show…

Hard To Decide

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People on the show like Tanna still believed the show to be called ‘Don’t Quit Your Day Job’, and revealed what went down at the Houston Chronicle back in 2013: “As far as I knew, someone would be working with me for the day and after that, they would have a big choice to make…they could either return to their current job or they could quit what they were doing and do something completely different.”