A Seriously Generous Family


The Osmond Family found solace and inspiration in the church, a place of peace and reflection. Despite their rise to fame and fortune, the Osmonds remained firmly connected to their roots, exemplified by their commitment to giving back. In a heartfelt gesture of gratitude, they pledged to donate 10% of their earnings to their church.

Bellagio Bridge


Donny Osmond, affectionately known as “Uncle Donny” to friends, embraces a playful persona when they attend his Las Vegas show. He humorously admits to revealing “a little more than Uncle Donny” for a memorable experience. A highlight is their visit to the Bellagio Bridge, where they encounter a colossal Donny & Marie poster projected onto the Flamingo, featuring Donny’s enormous eyes.

Forget Working  9 to 5


In 1976, at just 17, Donny Osmond and his sister Marie launched their iconic Donny & Marie show. Their early showbiz careers demanded exceptional work ethic and discipline, as they balanced fame, touring, recording, and performing from a young age.

Donny, Not Donnie


Name mix-ups and playful teasing about one’s name can be annoying, and Donny Osmond likely had his share of such experiences, just like anyone else with a unique name. Even celebrities like him have had to grin and bear it when their names became the subject of playful banter.

Dancing on the Tables


Donny Osmond, a natural performer, always gave his all on stage. Watching him perform is akin to attending a water show at Sea World – there’s a “Splash zone” to consider whether you want to be part of or stay dry. Marie has shared in interviews that her brother occasionally goes off-script during their Las Vegas show, even dancing on people’s tables! Her advice? Hold on tight to your drinks, and if you’re in the front row, opt for a plastic cup!

Donny’s Day


Ever wondered about Donny Osmond’s daily routine? It kicks off at 6 a.m. when he drives his son to the airport after just four hours of sleep. He has a meeting with his business manager, records for his Disney show, and hits the gym without a morning nap. The highlight is joining sister Marie on stage for their show, a testament to Donny Osmond’s unwavering work ethic.