Not All That Glitters…

In showbiz, where fame and fortune often go together, the Osmond family was known for their resilience. They avoided common celebrity issues like substance abuse and wild parties, but still faced their own challenges. Like any family, they dealt with vices and bad habits hidden behind the entertainment industry’s glitz. Despite these challenges, the Osmonds showed determination and strength.

Secrets Galore


Uneven spotlight distribution within the Osmond family brought both strength and challenges. Balancing fame, family dynamics, and personal aspirations was a constant struggle. Some members also faced exploitation and bullying due to their talent and revenue potential.

Meeting Groucho Marx


The Donny & Marie show was known for its celebrity glamour and star-studded moments, attracting a wide audience with impressive guests. However, behind the scenes, Marie’s experience differed from the on-screen glamour. Despite her significant role on the show, she faced challenges, notably an uncomfortable incident involving comedian Groucho Marx, who behaved inappropriately, including unwarranted pinching.

Starved for Fame


At just 15 years old, Marie faced immense pressure to maintain a slim figure. While she and her brother were offered a TV show, executives insisted that she lose weight or risk the show’s cancellation. Strangely, her brother’s weight was never a concern for the show. Rumors suggest that producers resorted to name-calling, eventually leading her to lose the weight they demanded.

Donny, the Nerd


Donny Osmond, renowned for his entertainment career, has a lesser-known passion for technology. Beyond his stage talent, he’s a tech-savvy enthusiast and innovative designer. He notably designed a hidden video control room at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, where he’s performed numerous shows. Despite his glamorous image, Donny proudly embraces his inner “total nerd,” especially when it comes to Mac products.

Behind the Smile of Marie


Marie Osmond, the beloved entertainer, revealed her long-held secrets in her candid book, “Behind the Smile,” shedding light on her painful childhood. She refrains from naming the person responsible for her suffering but clears her family and friends from any involvement. Marie’s openness is both brave and inspiring, showing that strength often hides behind the brightest smiles.