If you are a cat lover you know damn well how much entertainment they can bring. Even if they have committed a crime, they always end up looking so adorable that our anger vanishes. They can be needy and annoying sometimes but all in all, they are always there for us when we feel a little down or lonely. Cats are known to commit mischievous acts like stealing our food when we look away, leaving some poop inside the house among other things. But at the end of the day, they really do make for the best company. However, it does not mean that cats do not deserve to get punished when they do something wrong. So here is a list of cats that have done some damage at home, resulting in their owners punishing them with what we can call internet cat shaming. Check out these funny punishments right now. In this photo, you may not be able to tell straightaway but something had gone terribly wrong. This cat here got a whiff of the catnip in the plastic bag here and became so curious that he tore open the bag. What happened next? Well, obviously the cat slowly began to lose his sense and was unable to move. This crime he had committed involving the “greens” has made him a victim of internet cat shaming. But since the car is too stoned from the catnip, he does not even hold the capability to express how he feels. Just look at all the greenery spilled on the carpet of the house and combine that with the cat’s blank expression. This really makes a hilarious photo. But then again, if the catnip was kept within his reach, then any cat would have done the same right? So who can blame him.