History is a witness to the great endeavors undertaken by man. This is an example of a man whose story is an inspiration for all. He is a living proof of the fact that with grit and determination, no goal is big and unachievable. One has to just immerse himself in truly.

An Ambitious Goal

Image: Ark of NoahThis world is full of very amazing and amusing sights. A man’s thoughts and dreams can lead him to anywhere. Similar was the case with a man from the Netherlands, who used his wealth to realize a massively ambitious spiritual goal.

A True Homage

Image: Jan Hennop/The amazing hulking colossus can be seen along the Merwede river in the Netherlands. On seeing it, one can instantly, gauge the magnitude of faith that the man holds towards the Bible. It is made completely out of wood and is true to its biblical origins. The question is, who built it? and why?

Started With A Dream

Image: Jan Hennop/The fascinating structure is the brainchild of Johan Huibers, a millionaire, and a hardcore creationist, who in 1992, strangely had an apocalyptic dream that the low-lying Dutch coastlands would be deluged by seawater. The dream left a deep impact on him and consequently, turned his dream into a reality.

It does actually float!

Image: AFP/The model was just not a static one, rather, it was fully functional. The project of building a real ark started in 2005. With an enormous length of 230 feet, it used to sail the seas around the Netherlands for three and a half years. Having finished his voyage it now rest’s by the docks for people to come visit.

Huge Ambitions!

Image: AFP/Huiber was a creationist and perfectionist by nature. He was undeterred by the enormous efforts to be undertaken in realizing his true ambition. So, In 2009, he set on his journey to construct an ark the same size as the one written about in the Bible. He wanted to show the world that tales in the bible were not just stories but everything in the book had existed once and it can again!

Gigantic Spending

Image: Jan Hennop/The aspect of the project costing around $1.6 million, didn’t seem to bother Huibers much. He was ready to give all his time and effort towards it, despite, knowing the fact that it would take 3 years to complete it. His passion and faith were the driving factors behind it all.