Have you ever found a strange item in your surrounding, something that makes you intrigued and interested in doing more research? We must have all, at one point in our lives encountered an odd discovery about something or someone. This guy in this story dug up a very mysterious object that piqued his interest and curiosity. After inspecting it a little further and did more research, he discovered that it was not something he assumed it to be at all, it was something much more…

Incredible Find

When this guy made this strange discovery, he just stood there confused as ever. How was this even be possibly happening? As he scanned his surrounding, he stared at the yard’s floor where something caught his attention. He thought that there would be some sort of thump on the ground, but strangely, that did not happen. There was soil that was broken and dry.

Not His Possession

And when he looked down at the ground, it became clearer. He now knew what this was. And he could sense every muscle in his body start to shiver. He was just minding his own business without any intention to discover anything strange. But on this day, he found something that was truly unbelievable. He by chance found something strange that was certainly not his.

In Crete, Greece

So who was this person who ended up discovering something that he had never expected to be exposed to? Well, he is a Greek farmer who lives in a small village in Crete. He is a man who absolutely adored his land. He loved to grow his own vegetables and was planning on rearing some livestock in the near future too. You could say he is a very hands-on man.

Healthy Plants

And he truly loved what he was doing. He was loving and very devoted to his garden. And when the tomatoes start sprouting to life, lemons start bearing on the lemon tree and his olive trees grew taller daily, he was a very satisfied man. He took good care of his plants and so they were all very healthy. But, he one day discovered a secret hidden beneath one of the olive trees.


Way Back Home

So when did this incredible discovery take place? Well, it happen in the summer of 2018 when this man was going back to his home from a nearby village. He had gone there for no other purpose than to better his gardening and plants.  He had gone there because he wanted to get more tools to upkeep his land so that he had a better harvest.