There comes a time in public where you encounter a bunch of people who have found themselves in a deep quarrel. During these times, it gets confusing whether one should chime in and try to help resolve the issue or to just mind our own business and walk on by. This story is one such incident where a woman was crying because of an old man while on board inside a plane. Soon, things turn out unbelievable after someone interrupts and gets involved.

What Is Right

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So what exactly happened on this flight? Well, this woman was in a deep state of wonder on a plane because of a stranger’s actions. She just could not seem to get herself to comprehend what was going on. A normal flight went a little haywire after a bit. A passenger started to pick on one innocent lady, but there was someone who came in unexpectedly…

His Approach

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Since the man and the woman were causing tension in the whole plane, there needed to be someone who helped solve their issue. However, who on this plane would be able to do this? While the guy was busy taunting the lady, someone decided to join in. However, the way he approached and dealt with the issue left everyone present in disbelief.

On A Positive Note
On The Plus Side

So who was this damsel in distress that needed the help of a man at that time? Well, her name is Savannah Phillips. She was by nature, a very confident woman, but she met with an incident that shook her confidence a little bit. Savannah had always identified herself as a plus-sized. She was not that huge but she knew she was definitely not the smallest of the lot…

A Rule She Follows

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While traveling, she always followed a rule as often as she could. Because of her size, every time Savannah needed to fly on a plane, she always booked a seat which was empty. She always made sure she could sit alone so as not to disturb anyone. On this particular date, Savannah was running late. There was only one seat left with a person next to it. Savannah having no choice took the seat…

Difficult Being Overweight

So because she was not a tiny girl, there was something that Savannah had always struggled with in life. She had spent the majority of her life struggling because of how much she weighs. She had always been the reason people stared and often she would also be ridiculed. It was damaging her self-esteem a hell lot. It is no secret that there are thousands of overweight Americans, they are still targets of jokes…

A Target Of Ridicule

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And when there is a person who is big in size or overweight, there are often people who feel the need to shame them and make them feel bad. The habit of body shaming others is truly a big issue as of late, and Savannah knew this because of her firsthand experiences. Regardless, Savannah was certainly not ready for what she had to endure at the plane that fateful day…