His Approach

Since the man and the woman were causing tension in the whole plane, there needed to be someone who helped solve their issue. However, who on this plane would be able to do this? While the guy was busy taunting the lady, someone decided to join in. However, the way he approached and dealt with the issue left everyone present in disbelief. So who was this damsel in distress that needed the help of a man at that time? Well, her name is Savannah Phillips. She was by nature, a very confident woman, but she met with an incident that shook her confidence a little bit. Savannah had always identified herself as a plus-sized. She was not that huge but she knew she was definitely not the smallest of the lot…

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Not As Planned

So whenever she needed to travel by flight, Savannah would always make sure she was early so as to be able to pick a seat where she could be seared alone. She would always book a seat which did not have any passengers sitting next to it. However, as we all know how life goes, Savannah was a little late. She did not have time to check for seats and so she had no choice…

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What Kind Of Person?

Since she had become so accustomed to traveling in flights alone, Savannah was still very nervous. And after a while, she started thinking of what kind of person the person sitting next to her would be and how they would behave towards her. Sadly hers was a rough flight. She would find herself in an uncomfortable situation soon, but somebody rescued her in an unconventional way…

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Mocking Savannah

What he wrote was something that was nasty and petty. He wrote on the text message, “sitting next to smelly fatty.” Savannah could not hold back her emotions and so she began to cry. She quickly faced the window as a stream of tears fell down her cheeks. She was so hurt because it was evident that the guy just wanted to insult her. Just then, somebody tapped the old guy’s shoulder.

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Who Is This Hero

And after he replied, there was no question or doubt that this was the person who came to her rescue that day on the plane. It was clear that Chase Irwin was definitely the hero. After he was finally identified, Chase gained attention immediately. And during an interview he gave in the local news, he affirmed how much he hated teasing an innocent soul.The Hero Takes Form