Piano Fan

Usually, it is said, “like father like son” but saying, “like parents like children” won’t be wrong in this case. As Sam told his parents that he wanted to learn the piano, his parents couldn’t be happier with his decision. They themselves learned piano but never had one at home to practice. This would give them the opportunity to bring music back into their lives. Little did the Hemmings knew they’ll be getting much more than music.

Get Set Play

The couple made Sam join nearby piano lessons. Seeing their elder brother playing, Will, Ben, and Jessica also became eager to learn. Sending all the four kids to learn the same thing looked like a costly idea. Anyway, the Hemmings knew a cost-effective way out of this situation. Wondering what was it?

Saving A Little

The couple started saving and before the time of Christmas they had enough to buy a second-hand piano. But getting a specific piano wasn’t easy in those days, one has to spread the word among friends and community. So, the Hemmings asked a couple of their friends to look for a piano for them at the lowest price possible.

In Time For Christmas

They saw quite many pianos before Christmas, sadly none would look fitting into their home setup. They wanted a not-so-extraordinary but simple looking piano that will go with their house. It was on the Christmas Eve that one their friends made an offer that was worth taking.

Broadwood Piano

It was a Broadwood piano and the couple immediately agreed on buying it. At this point, the Hemmings’ sole intentions were to train their kids. All this sounds just so joyful, right? Now the couple wishes that they should have given it more thought.

Getting A Piano

The Hemmings’ friend suggested buying his piano as he doesn’t play it. The couple had already seen the piano he was talking about and they knew it was exactly what they were looking for. During one get together in their friend’s house, Meg even played her favorite tune on that piano. So this was it.