Graham and Meg Hemmings have been together since the 1980s. As a couple, they have always looked perfect but this story is partially related to them and partially to one single decision made by this couple that changed everything in a moment. Their intentions were good but the results of their actions were disappointing.

They had a secret placed in their house for over 3 decades and they were completely unaware of it. And when the truth was finally out, the couple’s regret was obvious. One should always take a closer look before buying anything, thinking why? You’ll get the answer soon enough.

Similar Likings

Graham and Meg were always connected by their similar interests. Be it food, or music all their interest went hand in hand. They had it all planned for themselves and they were blessed enough that everything they planned went accordingly. Yes, everyone gets their part of problems but the Hemmings never got the too complicated situation rather life seemed simple to the two of them.

Musically Connected

Music was one reason that Graham and Meg came so close. Their interest in learning how to play a musical instrument was one thing that kept them in touch while they used to study in different schools and later colleges. They joined the same guitar classes. Once Graham started working, they both left the classes but got married. This stopped the musical phase for a while but they could not have resisted for too long.

Happily Married

Graham and Meg Hemmings were married for a couple of years and they were going to take one big step of moving to a new city. At the beginning of the 1980s, Graham and Meg along with their son Sam moved to Saffron Walden, Essex, East of England. Graham got a job in there. And looking at the increments, the Hemmings thought it would be a great opportunity for the family’s future. 

One Big Family

After moving to Saffron Walden, the Grahams grew from 3 to 6 within the next few years. Sam now had three younger siblings, Will, Ben, and Jessica. Graham was earning good and the family was happy. That’s when Meg came up with an idea. Her kids were doing well in studies and she wanted them to learn other things too during their childhood. And that’s when it started.

Asking For Little

This is every parent’s responsibility to let their kids do what they are interested in, also to indulge them in extracurriculars. So, Meg was thinking what will be best for her kids. Yes, the thought of enrolling the kids for some music classes was always in the back of her mind but she wanted to know what her kids were interested in. Who knew with this they’ll bring a jackpot home.

Giving Kids A Chance

The Hemmings asked their eldest son, Sam to decide what he would love to learn after homework is completed. Sam gave it a thought, he was already in his school’s baseball and basketball teams and was willing to do something different if given a chance. Eventually, he made his decision and when he shared it with his parents, who felt like they were in luck.