Some people remain content with whatever they have, they generally don’t have a big bucket list or far fetched dreams. They won’t care even if they are getting money for free because they are earning well enough to fulfill the needs of their family. For most of them, their family is everything. The protagonist of the story too had a content life and money was secondary for him until one day he comes across an advertisement that changes his life forever.

Just A Normal Day

Around the globe, the whole world enjoys almost all of the weathers but New Jersey remains cold most of the time. It was mid of November, the roads were hidden under the snow and the shoppers had already started to prepare for Christmas. Even the news channels were also broadcasting news related to Christmas and events that were happening on Thanksgiving. These news channels were giving a hard time to Earl Livingston who was just interested in world news and his tea.


Earl Livingston, a native of New Jersey had recently celebrated his 87th birthday. He was one of those people who always remained content and happy in their small world. His world would generally consist of his family and friends. He never had any worldly desires and hardly stepped out of his house. But one day he went out for an unexpected reason which surprised everyone. What might have happened?


As usual, he was listening to the daily news in the morning. It was one of his addictions he couldn’t leave even after years and the other was to buy different kinds of tea. He had a very distinct taste and was always in the quest of finding the supreme quality tea. He had numerous containers emptied in his house of several types of tea. His morning used to start with drinking tea and watching the morning news.


He was a little annoyed that day. What had made this old calm soul mad? Actually, all the news channels across the world and especially the local channels were focusing more on the events that were happening around the town and less on the world’s news. And there was a particular advertisement that was irking him a lot on one of the local news channels. What could have irked him so much?

The News

The more he tried to be calm it seemed like that particular advertisement was testing his patience level. It was an advertisement for a lottery ticket in which he had absolutely no interest. He knew that the festival season was around the corner and such kinds of luring advertisements were bound to come. But this particular lottery advertisement had crossed the limits. What would he do now?

The Jackpot

The Jackpot’s price was more than what people could generally dream of, it was around $1.6 Billion Mega Millions, anybody who had this huge amount of money would consider himself/herself lucky and rich too. But Earl Livingston had never been interested in money in his whole life. But obviously he had never encountered the opportunity to have such an amount of money before. Money can lure anyone but would it be able to lure the old man too?