Have you ever wondered what it must be like if you receive a random phone call from anyone stating that you are a lucky person to win such and such award? Or let’s suppose what if luck knocks at your door and breaks the big news that you’ll be awarded a cheque worth millions of dollars? What will be your take on it? Will you believe it immediately or will you take your own sweet time to grasp the reality?

To be very honest, it rarely happens to anyone. In fact, it’s so rare that no such real-life example comes to our minds. Well, this is just the happy side of the unexpected events… the bad side can destroy anyone emotionally. This is the story of one lady who was already going through a disturbing phase in her life when she received a mysterious phone call which started a new course of events.

Facebook Message

This incident took place in the year 2010 when a woman named Gayle received a Facebook message. Of course, receiving a Facebook message wasn’t a great deal especially when facebook was the then big thing. But this was not an ordinary message and after this nothing was going to remain ordinary.