A Nervous Wreck

Steve Harvey has witnessed so many Family Feud contestants come and go during his 17 years of hosting. There was one particular contestant that stuck out to him. As he was hosting, this team captain was nervously wheezing. It would be nerve-racking to be quizzed on national TV but this man perspired to an alarming amount. He had played for three days without any luck on winning. He spoke to the man after the show and found out something shocking.

What Is Family Feud?

Family Feud is a quiz show where contestants have to guess the most popular response by the public regarding public surveys. A pair of families competes to win money and prizes. This show has a humorous character that shows from time to time. Most contestants aim to have fun and win big. The best Family Feud players can walk away with thousands of dollars, as well as expensive items such as luxury automobiles.

Steve To The Rescue

The syndicated show Family Feud has been around since 1976.“ It was originally presented by the late comedy actor Richard Dawson. After multiple hosts took charge, the show witnessed a severe drop in ratings until Steve came around in the year 2010. The popular comedian, actor, and author gave the show a whole new lease of life. It went on to become one of the top five most popular game shows in the US.

Multiple Viral Clips Of The Show

Many memorable moments have happened on the show. Many contestants have given unbelievable response to simple question that have proven to be embarrassingly humorous. In the internet age, “Family Feud Fails” have become an increasingly popular phenomenon online and more than a few of the clips have gone viral. A short clip of the show in 2016 went viral for a whole other reason.

An Unexpected Clip

Steve Harvey posted a clip on August 2016 on his Youtube channel. The clip was titled “Steve’s Unforgettable Family Feud Moment”. Many fans thought the clip would contain some comedy when they watched, but boy were they in for a surprise! Instead, Harvey talked about his unexpected encounter with the Family Feud contestant who was sweating and nervous.

Steve Explains The Clip

In the clip Harvey addresses the viewers explaining the content in the video. “This man was on Family Feud, as Harvey recalls. “He was the captain [of his team] and he was sweating profusely, to the point where we had to change his shirt. And you know, I was trying to joke with him, but he was sweating too hard”. Excessive perspiration can sometimes be a health condition or illness.