Animals are the most loving and caring creatures. Most families have pets, who are just like members of their family for them. But it can sometimes get difficult to understand what your pets are up to.

It is possible that your pet is at its best behavior in front of you, but behind you they might be doing things out of your imagination. After all, you cannot always keep an eye on them.

And this story of Miss Kitty, the Jonas’ cat, has taken the whole Jonas family on a roller coaster ride and has done things that would be unbelievable for people to even think of, and when the neighbors caught Miss Kitty, the family of Miss Kitty was in for the surprise of a lifetime.

The Jonas

Frank and Anne Jonas have been married for three years now, and both of them are animal lovers. They together got a cat and named her Miss Kitty. Miss Kitty was a white Persian cat, and the couple loved her dearly. 

Miss Kitty

Both Anne and Frank always took care of Miss Kitty and she was like their own child. They had always thought that Kitty was a calm and lovely pet, but they were soon going to be proven wrong, when they will find out something beyond belief. 

Small Town

Frank and Anne had been living near a Trailer Park in South Carolina since their marriage. The town was a small one and the neighborhood was the best part of the place. Every one was very friendly around, and it felt comfortable. 


The most amazing thing of living in a small town is that people living around you, know you really well. You are on talking terms with everyone around you and it’s like a big happy family. Families are so close to each other that they even know the names of each other’s pets.


The neighbors were socially amiable people and all of them used to get their pets for walk in the park where all the dogs used to play with each other and the cats among themselves, Miss Kitty being one of them. 

Dogs and Cats

The relation between dogs and cats is known to be not a really friendly one. The two haven’t gotten along with each other in almost all the cases. And what Miss Kitty was going to do, would make you think twice before keeping a dog and a cat together as pets.