Living in the middle of the woods, cut off from the noise and pollution of the city streets is a dream every homeowner has. Peace, calm and tranquility are in plenty and you don’t have to worry about noisy neighbors or complaints. The cherry on the cake is catching a glimpse of a rare wild animal or a mesmerizing bird.

A Plethora Of Natural Bounty

Living away from the hustle and bustle of the city, sleeping in absolute silence with calming sounds of crickets chirping is what is seen today as a heaven. City dwellers backpack for hours on end to spend their weekend in the wilderness to get some peace and quiet.

Life In A Natural Reserve

If you are lucky enough, you can see beautiful scenes of mothers tending to their cubs or deer drinking water out of a pond near your house. One such retreat owner in Alaska got extremely lucky one morning when he opened the door to his porch.

Tim Newton’s House

Tim Newton’s house is smack dab in the middle of Alaska, a state in the United States that is untouched by industries and pollution. The wildlife in Alaska is second to none and happily cohabitates with the few humans who’ve made the place their home. His property shared a boundary with a wildlife reserve and that became the source of his astonishment that morning.

The Noise Was Unusual

Tim was in a deep slumber when he heard a strange noise on his front door. The noise was out of the ordinary because living in the wilderness didn’t have people knocking on his door very often. But it was a noise that he hadn’t heard before so he had to get up and check.

Lynxes On His Porch

When Tim opened the door he saw an entire family of Lynx kittens. He said to a local news outlet, “Right there, 2 feet away, was a lynx kitten. She was sitting there watching her babies race by.” He captured the Lynxes on video and posted it on Facebook, which generated a buzz across the globe.

Internet Fame

The video, that was recorded and posted in September, saw Tim and his wife, Cathy Newton, become famous on the internet as it started garnering instant attention. The video also caught the attention of several news channels which featured the video in their top news. This was followed by international attention.