Ever heard of motorsports? It is a sport that is based on high speed which basically means that there is a danger that surrounds the sport all the time. The drivers on the race course can always bump into each other so there is a need for paramedics to always be on standby. And so during this race at the South Boston Speedway, something incredible took place. When Mike Jones and Matt Bowling were racing to get the lead position, there was an incident. Soon something amazing happened that nobody present would ever be able to forget…

The South Boston Speedway

We all know that motorsports are a very exciting sport to take part in or even watch. Hence, it was indeed a moment that many had prepared for when this race occurred. This happened on the 16 June when Halifax Insurance’s NASCAR Late Model 100 was presented at South Boston Speedway. This happened on the eve of father’s day as well.

A Big Race

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And so for those who do now know what this race is about, allow us to explain a little. This race occurs in a 400-mile track. From the setting itself, it is evident that the race is not a minor one, that it is a major deal tfro so many. And it was this day that the public would see Mike Jones and Matt Bowling butt heads and compete for the win not knowing what would happen…

Grabbing Space

And just like any other race, this event was covered by the media too. The entire event was captured on film and was also photographed.  The incident that took place would go on to stun people all over the planet. SO as the crowd cheered on, the two drivers were racing side by side in turns 3-4. And as they reached the corner, the two cars were both fighting for space.

Tragedy Strikes

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So since this was such a tight race, the two drivers wanted to give their all and so the competition was running high. The two drivers made sure to keep hold of the space they had so that the other driver does not lead ahead. But since they were both in the corner, the wheels of the two cares met and lead to a jolt in the chassis of them both. Then, something incredible happened. 

Just Spinning

We must have all seen that in races such as this, there is always a fear that two cars might bump into each other or collide. It does not take a scientist to figure out what would happen if two fast speeding cars were to meet with each other. And so after the chassis of the wheels bumped, Bowling’s right front tagged the left rear of Jones’ car. The two vehicles started to spin uncontrollably.

Catching Fire

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And when this took place, the audience all became fearful that the drivers might get into a serious accident. So when the wheels met one another, Bowling’s car was left behind while Mike’s vehicle started to spill fuel. And the worst thing that happened was that the car caught fire. Everything was happening so quickly and unexpectedly. Mike’s father stood about a hundred meters away…