Hidden treasures are a source of constant curiosity. There are treasures that were hidden centuries ago and have still not been discovered like the famous Dutchman’s treasure. Dozens of people lost their lives looking for that treasure in hundreds of years. But this is a story of a treasure quite recently hidden by a person who is still alive. You might have heard of him or not but the history of what the treasure is and how it got to be there is fascinating.

The Location Of Mystery

forrest fenn fenns treasure

Suddenly, visits to the Rocky Mountains have increased in the past few years. It is because it is rumored that hidden somewhere in 1,000 miles stretch of the Rocky Mountains from Santa Fe, New Mexico to the northern border with Canada, is a treasure chest. Containing wealth, antiques and gold of millions of dollars. Explorers and treasure hunters from around the world are trying their best to find this treasure. But who hid it there? And why did he do it? He is still alive, then how has no one managed to get the information out of him?

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains or the Rockies, cover over 3000 miles from Canada to New Mexico in southwestern America. A lot of mountain peaks are explored by adventurers and trekkers. Some of the paths are risky and deaths in the mountains are not unheard of. It is believed that a treasure chest is hidden somewhere in these mountains worth millions of dollars. But who hid it there? 

The Contents

The stories of treasure chests that you might have heard in your childhood or even adulthood would make you believe that treasure chests are full of gold nuggets and gold bars and jewelry. While that might be true for most treasures it is not for this particular one. The treasure hunters have a fair estimation of what is inside this chest hidden in the Rocky Mountains that they are looking for- it has riches worth millions of dollars and not just in gold.

The Riches

The treasure obviously had gold coins, nuggets, and ancient gold artifacts but apart from these, there were also rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds. So much so for precious stones. What’s different about this treasure is that there are also  Chinese jade, pre-Columbian gold figurines and other historical artifacts which are worth a fortune in themselves. If the treasure has not yet been discovered how do we know about the contents? The one who hid it told us himself.

The Man Behind It All

Forrest Fenn is a famous person with an interesting past. He was born in Texas in 1930 and that’s where his story begins. Right after high school, he became a part of the military as he had strong patriotic instincts. He managed to make a place for himself in the US Air Force. Little did he know that it was just the beginning of what would be the path to glories and riches the likes of which not a lot of people have seen.


Being a part of military meant that Fenn had to travel overseas quite a lot. One such project found him deep into the Vietnam war. His job was to fly a bomber plan and drop the 22- pound bombs on the Viet Cong positions and he did this 14 hours of the day. He had to transition from the peacetime service to the offensive war and not surprisingly the war took its toll on Fenn.