Hidden treasures are a source of constant curiosity. There are treasures that were hidden centuries ago and have still not been discovered like the famous Dutchman’s treasure. This is a story of a treasure quite recently hidden by a person who is still alive. You might have heard of him or not but the history of what the treasure is and how it got to be there is fascinating.

The Location Of Mystery

Suddenly, visits to the Rocky Mountains have increased in the past few years. It is because it is rumored that hidden somewhere in 1,000 miles stretch of the Rocky Mountains from Santa Fe, New Mexico to the northern border with Canada, is a treasure chest. Containing wealth, antiques and gold of millions of dollars. Explorers and treasure hunters from around the world are trying their best to find this treasure. But who hid it there? And why did he do it? He is still alive, then how has no one managed to get the information out of him? Well, the Rocky Mountains or the Rockies, cover over 3000 miles from Canada to New Mexico in southwestern America. It is believed that a treasure chest is hidden somewhere in these mountains worth millions of dollars.

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