Booming Population

The entry into “The Secret City” was restricted to the outsiders but the town was well connected to railway tracks and roads which meant that not only was the transport of goods easy but also it could be kept more secretive without exposing the shipment of contents to the neighboring town people. Soon the mystery of the place was revealed and it was shocking. 

It Was 1945

Oak Ridge was ready to function in less than a year and by 1945 it was well populated. There were over 75,000 people living in Oak Ridge by that time and they were not just residents, they were there for a secret mission, for one of the biggest missions in the history of the U.S government. No doubt the place was kept off the maps.

The Demographic

A lot of the residents of Oak Ridge were families and the average age there was 27, which is on the young side. The mysterious city which came up overnight had no solid explanation but people ventured that since it was the time of war it had something to do with it. The neighboring residents made their own theories but they also made some observations which were unusual.

A Clandestine Anomaly

The wartime was hard and people had to ration their supplies accordingly. People were struggling with necessities, luxuries were unthinkable but for the residents of Oak Ridge, there was a dearth of nothing. They always had a fresh produce, cash, and unlimited food stamps. People in other places were having difficulties but not the people of this city. 

They Were Marked

There was no reason for the residents of Oak Ridge to go out of the town but when they did, they were easily recognizable. Due to the constant building activities, the town was covered in a thick layer of dust and mud almost always and that layer of dirt also settled on the footwear of the residents. So whenever they went out, their shoes gave them away but they kept to themselves avoiding any unnecessary human contact but that was not it.

Covert Government Ops

Gradually people found out that Oak Ridge was a secret government project but the truth of it was hidden from the American population for years in the end. The U.S was an active participant in the WWII and had to put in its all to win. This much all understood but there was one thing that no one could make sense of.