We always hear the saying ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’, but in reality, these are very hard words to live by. After all, what we see is usually the first impression that we have about others. So, it gets a little difficult not to judge others based on how they appear on the outside. Handicapped people have been given a special space in the parking area for something reasonable. This space reserved for them is not something other people can or should take. This woman parked her car reserved for the handicapped and received a note that revealed her true colors…

Night Out

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It was a nice evening for Yasmin and her friends. She had wanted to unwind from a hectic week and so she finally had a free night that she aimed to exploit as much as she could. She had walked across the parking lot that took a few minutes from her local pub to reach. It had been quite the night so her feet were sore from a night of dancing. She had fun but it was time to head back home.

Oh So Tired

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It was tiring enough to dance to the music and enjoy the night but Yasmin had also put on heels, so it was extra tiring. She was not the kind of girl that would usually wear the high heels she wore that evening. And so as the night was ending she and her friend were now about to head for home. She was followed behind by her friend who was laughing at her inability to walk in a straight line.

The Designated Driver

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And even though Yasmin was quite worn out, she still agreed to be the designated driver. She did not mind being the driver at all because she just wanted to get home quickly. Since her friends had always been there for her when she needed them, it was not a big deal to her. She felt like it was the least she could do and this was in a way she could return the favor to them.

A Note

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They walked towards the parking lot and took a few minutes to locate their car.  When they finally found it, Yasmin was getting ready to do the driving. She then kept her purse on the hood of her car in order to find her keys. As she was rummaging through her purse, she noticed that there was something on the windshield. There was a note stuck there that immediately took her attention.

Sudden Illness
Cramps And Allergies

For this 19-year-old girl, there was nothing she had to worry about health-wise. Yasmin considered herself to be quite healthy. She had recently graduated from Homewood School and had gotten herself a new job which was such an excitement for the young adult. It seemed as though her life was headed in the right direction but suddenly she became ill.

Slowly Deteriorating

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She had always been free from health complications and was always able to focus on building a career and future for herself. But in a very short span of time, she could see a slight deterioration in her health. “The main thing that I noticed was my legs swelling up, my stomach, my back, and my eyes also became really puffy and sore,” she later revealed.