Have you ever felt a strong emotion after you have watched a documentary, a movie or a short film? Probably, for at least once you must have experienced it. An individual never knows how a particular cinema or theatre can create an impact on him/her. When a majority of us get over the initial impression a medium leaves on us, there are others who are so affected by it that they either get a motive in life or they hold back and live with some pain, regret in their heart.

This is an incident from the life of a woman named Michele Mordkoff who came across a documentary film and she was so touched and affected by it, that she chose to embark upon a journey she never thought she would with this much determination ever before. She was in search of something least likely to occur. The outcome was what not many of us had expected.

A Click

While the majority of us watch theatre, movies or plays as a source of entertainment, there are a few who watch these in a manner to inspire or be inspired, to feel motivated. There are many movies which give us a reason or an issue to think upon, something which demands the audience to bring about a change. This is exactly what happened with Michele Mordkoff.

Bring A Change

You must be well aware that when documentaries or short film like that of Food Inc. directed by Robert Kenner compelled us to rethink about our eating habits and initiate a change for a healthier living. And for that matter, take Making A Murderer made people question the justice panel. There is an impact, an influence, an impression the cinematography make on us. And Michele couldn’t escape one such impact.

A Mystery

Michele Mordkoff, a resident from New Jersey never knew that a one-time movie session will turn into a journey she would have to pursue alone. It wasn’t the first time she was witnessing a movie, but it was definitely the first time she came across a storyline that touched her so deep that it eventually turned into a mystery she is too stubborn to resolve.

The Past

Michele was always aware that she was brought up by an adopted set of parents. She never wished to know her past, her birth family or anything. This was really strange as many of the adopted children are always in search of these answers. Things were going smooth until the day…

Frolic Childhood

Michele loved her adopted parents deeply. They have given the best life to her, fulfilling all her desires, much before she expressed them. Life was beautiful to her. With such loving and caring parents, she never bothered to look at her past which probably would have left her in tears and pain. But the destiny had planned something else for her.

The Story

It was the month of July 2018. As usual, Michele was on her way to the workplace. She was randomly scrolling through the internet when she came across a review article for a movie that had recently released. She liked the storyline and the reviews even were in favor of this new release. Little did Michele know how a random movie would change her entire life.