Being Interrogatedlydia fairchild dna test

During the interrogation at the Department of Social Services, Lydia realized that these representatives assumed that her application wasn’t valid. The officials present in the room were suspecting her of fraud but Lydia couldn’t understand the reason behind it. They wanted to know the truth which Lydia herself wasn’t aware of.

Selfish Reasonsdna test lydia fairchild

These officials tried to scare Lydia about the consequences of her selfish actions. The woman was confused and speechless in front of the back to back questions that were being pointed in her direction. So far, she wasn’t informed of the reason that forced the authorities to question Lydia’s identity.

Weird Sciencemother maternity dna test

The officials told Lydia about the DNA test and how the reports claimed while Jamie was the biological father of the kids, Lydia wasn’t their biological mother. Lydia stood there helpless with no answers to the questions. How could she not be their mother? Certainly, the reports had to be wrong but that wasn’t the case. 

None Belonged To Her

Furthermore, Lydia’s DNA report stated that she wasn’t the biological mother of both kids. She gave birth to them and she named them. Now there were these people who were claiming that all this was fake, on the basis of a DNA report? She suggested the investigators should check with the lab once again as there was certainly some sort of confusion. Yet the officials insisted that DNA reports don’t lie just like that.

A Nightmarish Scenariojamie lydia fairchild dna test

She was facing the worst day of her life. While the officers wanted her to admit that she was not the mother of her own kids. Jamie whose DNA reports showed that he was the father of the two kids was also summoned for interrogation as he had kids with another woman. When everything was being concluded so quickly, Lydia tried to get help from the only source she could have relied on.

Professional Opiniondoctor dna test maternity

Lydia asked for help from her obstetrician, Dr. Leonard Dreisbach who was equally shocked as the couple. Leonard is a professional who was present while the birth of Lydia’s two kids. He was also ready to say the same thing in the court. Listening to his assurance, Lydia took a breath of relief and went to the next step, ie, hiring a lawyer. Sadly, even a lawyer and a witness were not going to prove of any help.