Baby Tigers At A Zoo

The zookeepers were trying their best but they were unable to show love and affection towards these cubs who needed it the most. Well, after one point they were ready to give up on the babies. After all, they are just white tigers, no big deal. They were overbred in huge numbers in captivity and soon their demand plummeted.

Bald And Ill

Kai and White lost their beautiful fur and everyone assumed that the pair didn’t have much time left. With every moment passing by these cubs were getting one step closer to the end. The zookeepers had no other option left because they tried everything possible.

Allergies And More

The infants didn’t get the natural environment that they had a right to live in. They were each other’s only help in these painful times. The two were suffering from severe allergies and viral. The zookeepers were going to give these cubs the last chance they deserved.

Reached Out

The zookeepers reached out to different experts to see if they’ll be ready to help the dying pair or not. Looking at the cubs declining condition no one was up for the challenge. Many tiger experts said no to keeping the babies saying that the zoo was too late in bringing the babies to them. Does that mean there was no hope left at all?

No Way Left?

All the staff members at the zoo were reaching out to their contacts hoping they might get help. We don’t know if they cared so much about these cubs or was the other reason the main reason behind it? Well, yes the zoo staffs have other things to worry about. Wondering what?

Reputation To Build

Zoo works mostly on their reputation. If any animal dies when in the zoo, it raises many questions. The zoo needs to hire professionals who can handle critical situations like Kai and White were suffering from.  Apparently, even the professionals were not of any help to these poor babies.