Humans have taken over the world and why wouldn’t we? When we are granted with an extraordinary gift; the gift of intelligence. We have a few set standards of beauty and elegance and we most of us follow them whole-heartedly. Some species get more worldwide attention than others and tigers are one of the lucky ones. Especially when we are talking about the majestic white tigers. Not everything is exactly how it looks from the outside though. Today we’ve picked a story close to our hearts and will become close to yours too…

White Tigers

Tigers are huge, wild and beautiful all at the same time. Leaves us wondering about the mysterious dense forests and the fascinating wildlife. Have you ever thought on how these creatures would behave if they are kept away from the natural environment? Well, the way we see them reacting in circus and zoo, that’s not their true self.

Unnatural Behaviour

Tigers living in captivity never get a chance to do what they should be doing which includes chasing animals, hunting their meals, finding the mate, living in freedom and much more. Hence, they might lose their natural instincts, get scared and don’t even behave like tigers.

Something similar happened when a white tigress gave birth, sadly, she had no motherly instincts. And the cubs hardly survive in such situations. A glimpse into the lives of these poor babies will melt your heart.

Kai And White

Kai and White were two rare unfortunate white tigers. Rare because of their color and unfortunate because their mother wasn’t ready to feed them or nurture her kids. And it wasn’t the mother tigress’ fault at all. Now, before you question why, let’s tell you that the cubs’ mother lived her whole life in captivity.

Lifetime In Captivity

She had never lived the type of life tigers should be living. She wasn’t raised with her siblings and she never looked for her mate herself. In such a captive environment it is normal for the mother to abandon their kids as they are never known to their own lifestyles.

Mother Walked Away

Three years back when a white tigress gave birth to Kai and White, she abandoned her kids for obvious reasons we explained. After she walked away from her cubs, they were left alone at the zoo and the zookeepers were not sure what to do in this situation. As we told you that cubs rarely survive without their mothers, Kai and White’s life seemed in danger.

Too Weak

When the tigress mother denied feeding Kai and White the zookeepers were left with only one option which was to try to feed them with bottles. Sadly, the cubs were too weak and needed a mother. Whether it was the fault of the zookeepers or these cubs’ stubbornness but they were not getting the diet the needed to survive. In these circumstances, their future didn’t seem bright at all.