No one should ever judge someone by their looks. Just take the case of Marina Chapman. If you just take a look at her you can see that she is just like any other girl. But there is something truly unique about this woman, something not-human that nobody could have ever guessed happen to her. Marina was actually raised by monkeys. If you read about her history you will learn about her tragic past but that she managed to pull through bravely. You will never believe this remarkable story, something straight out of the story books…


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We must have all met someone whom we feel has a very unique life story. But none could ever compare to the life that Marina has led. It is nothing like a normal life that most of us have led. However, her life started out very normally. She had been born during the early 1950s in where she believes to be Colombia. However, this can never actually be fact checked as no one had records of her…

No Memory

So like we said Marina did have a pretty ordinary upbringing initially. It was most likely that she was born to a mother and father. She must have even had siblings of her own. However, in the later stages of her life, after all the tragedy she had been through, she could not even remember their names or faces. So she ended up not being able to communicate in her native Spanish in the end.

No Name

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Marina is not even her own birth name. Since no one knew where or how she came about, it was just a name given to her. The name that she was born with had been lost a long ago. Marina was actually a name that she wanted to give herself and so everyone followed her wish and called her Marina. In the initial stages of her life, she was given quite a lot of names…

Disaster Strikes

So how did this woman end up in such an unbelievable circumstance? Well, Marina was just four years old when a huge disaster struck. This disaster left her world upside down. It made her leave her world behind and everything that she ever knew. She lost her life, never to be the same again. When her fifth birthday was nearing, she would have to give up all that she ever knew.

A Secret Spot

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So just like any normal and healthy girl, little Marina loved to play around and explore. She also had one place that she especially loved to spend time in. As she was playing in her favorite secret spot, Marina would pass time just enjoying herself. Her favorite spot was in the vegetable garden next to the peas. She enjoyed the sweet taste of the peas and the sound of the crack whenever she broke them apart.

A Sudden Incident
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On one of her times spent in her favorite spot in the garden, the disaster struck. It took place when she least expected it. Marina was just going about her own business, enjoying her time in the garden. She was not paying attention to anything but her peas. Just then, somebody snuck up behind the little girl. A hand reached her mouth and grabbed the poor little girl suddenly.