Social media is a medium to get connected with people across the world. No matter how far a person is, he or she would be updated with the trends and hypes of the world through this platform. Being an active part of this forum could bring alone advantages as well as disadvantages. Sometimes, we’re so engrossed in showing our feelings, be it happiness or disgrace, that we do not realize what are the consequences of these actions. One such experience was of a middle-aged lady named Luann Cofield, which turned her whole perception about things upside down by all means.

Out For Shopping

Luann Cofield, a middle-aged woman, on a very fine day went out for shopping. She thought of making something special or maybe an appetizer as her kids were planning to show up on that very evening. She tried to fetch all fresh tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and other vegetables for her children. Her motherly instinct was continuously poking her to reach for the best.

Covering The Distance

Cofield was a lady who liked to stay connected with her family. Though she was living alone, she never felt the same as she used to talk over calls or video calls. She was technologically upgraded and was ready to accept any new platform which could make her aware of her children. Since she was a smart lady, she learned to deal with gadgets in no time.

Plan Changed

She was all taken aback when she got the news that there is a shift in the plan of her children’s homecoming. She could not take that and tried to convince her children to make time for her which made her children annoyed. Her children were not picking up calls at all and this made Luann experience dismay. She was shattered but could not share her feelings with anyone.

The Exasperation

Being aware of the fact that her children won’t show up, Cofield started being irritated even for trivial things. She used to nag about everything that crossed her path. Along with that, she used to ill-treat people by being impolite. Many of her neighbors did not like her this kind of attitude hence, they maintained a safe distance from her.

 Making Viral

Luann felt bored because she used to live alone. She then started using social media as a source of entertainment. She often used to share memes and if she could not find anything funny, she used to create one. The number of likes and shares getting on her posts encouraged her to post more stuff, mocking at it. She was a star amongst the ladies of her age.

Changing The Taste

Luann Cofield, unlike other ladies of her age, was very fun-loving and thought herself to be no less than a youngster. She used to keep herself according to the trend and loved to spend on food.  One fine day, agitated by her children, she went out to eat something and halt at a local McDonald’s booth to grab a burger. Every time she used to feel less of herself, outing was the only thing she opted for.