An Unbreakable Relationship

An Unbreakable Relationship

Deanna and McKenna had a very amazing relationship that every daughter wishes to have. Deanna was an easygoing, fun mom in all sense and McKenna has never felt any uneasiness talking about anything with her mother. After McKenna moved out of the house to continue her studies Deanna was very lonely. She missed her daughter very much. So when McKenna told her mother that she would be home as her semester was about to end and she needed to clean up her dorm before she could leave. Deanna knew what could she do. And when she thought everything was going according to the plan she met the unexpected.

Flying Across The Country

Deanna wanted to surprise her daughter but it was her who got surprised when she reached there. She was in between something unimaginable that changed everything for her. So without informing her daughter she booked the plane tickets and was on the plane the next day to surprise her daughter. But then not everything goes according to us.

She Landed

Deanna was in Logan, Utah and took a cab for the campus where her daughter was living. Deanna hasn’t talked to her daughter since the last time she called her where the call remained unresponded. McKenna was calling her when she was in the cab headed towards the university But Deanna didn’t pick it up as she thought it would fail the plan. She wanted to surprise her daughter. She wanted to see her daughter’s face. But it was the mother’s face that we would see really soon.

Her Dorm

Deanna was in the campus last fall when she visited her daughter. She almost knew everything about the campus. She knew that there won’t be any problem finding her daughter’s dorm and indeed she didn’t. But then things were a little different this time. The atmosphere was different, the campus also looked different.

Things Look Different

Just like McKenna, other students were also moving out from the college. The university was filled with people. Deanna was in the campus and was trying to hide her in the crowd because she didn’t want her daughter to see her, not now obviously. Students were everywhere, some were packing their stuff and some were moving out their belongings. At that moment Deanna realized that things are about to change. Her daughter has grown up. But there was something else which happened that day…

The Dorm Room

Deanna was excited and wanted to reach the dorm as soon as possible. Following her way through the crowd she was headed towards the dorm. In the corridor, she saw many familiar faces. She saw some of McKenna’s friends in the corridor, so she waved them back followed by a hello. She was standing in front of her daughter’s room and was waiting for her daughter’s reaction. But…