Family is the only thing a person is attached to. No one would ever leave a chance of getting reunited with the family. The timezone between the news getting back to the family and the moment of actually meeting them is by all means inciting. You tend to work wholeheartedly on receiving such news. What if, due to one person, there is a lag in your journey? You would try every possible way to let go of that person who is acting as a hurdle.

Such an incident happened with a lady named Kristen Wiley, who was so desperate to meet her family but got stuck because of a woman. She challenged her patience level to an extent but lastly did something that changed the life of the woman.

To The Sky

Finally, the day arrived, when Kristen Wiley, in exhilaration to reunite with her family, headed to the airport with the tears of joy rolling out of her eyes. She was before the time that day and made every possible obstacle pass by. She was optimistic, energetic and tried to embrace all sorts of happiness coming through her way. Unaware of the obstruction she was yet to face, speedily headed towards her call, that is, the flight.