These days a majority of people prefer going on adventurous trips over a laid back leisure trip. But sometimes we have to pay a great price in return for all the adventure that we seek. Sometimes things go on an extremely wrong track that makes one wonder if the odds were in their favor or not.

This is the story of an 18-year-old teen who was excited to go on a hiking trip with his stepdad to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. However, nothing about this trip went as per the plan and the teen was left in the dense woods all by himself. Did he ever make it back to his family? Or was his name added to the list of people who were never found?

Family Breakfast

It was a perfect morning, where the whole family had breakfast together. Brooke Bohanan was helping her son, Austin Bohanan and husband, Hubert Dyer Jr. in packing before they left for hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. While she bid the father and son a happy journey, she felt overwhelmed to see how nicely they were getting along. After all, it is most challenging to build up a blood-like relationship with step-children but Brooke felt blessed.


Hubert and Austin had shared similar interests and this became a huge reason behind their bonding. But time was about to test them to the core. Hubert had something on his mind and it was the main motive in his mind that he kept a secret from the rest of the hikers in the area. Ideally, this trip was supposed to last for a couple of days and that’s all but what happened in the first couple of days brought 100s of people in the National Park.

The Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a beautiful valley with nearly no human and all wilderness all around. Located on the borders of Tennesse and North Carolina, this mountains range is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With thick forests and high waterfalls, these mountains are home to wildflowers. The park holds enormous wildflowers that are hard to locate in the cities. Hiking isn’t the only reason that attract people to this national park.

Entertaining Alternatives

Apart from hiking, there are many other attractions that bring tourists to this place. Sightseeing, wildlife viewing, an amusement park with skiing, an aquarium with penguins and jellyfish and much more. This makes it a place suitable for all age groups, families, school picnics, college trips, and couples. However, this father and son’s trip had a plan that was illegal according to the park’s authorities. Wondering what it can possibly be?

Hiking Fanatics

Both Austin and Hubert were nature lovers and seasoned hikers. It wasn’t their first time on such a hiking trip. While Hubert had been on such trips once a year on average, Austin has been on several school trips. Apart from all this, they both have been hiking together ever since they became a family. But this trip was going to be the end up in a way they never planned it to be.

The Big Reason

It all started on August 11, 2017, when Hubert Dyer Jr. told his 18-year-old stepson Austin Bohanan the reason behind selecting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as their hiking destination. And it wasn’t any of the amazing features that we just told you about. Hubert had a selfish reason to be there.