The job of a mom is the most difficult and demanding on earth. It should not be called a job may be, because these moms don’t get paid financially, but they do get rewarded with their children’s love. Many supermoms handle work and home together and that too impeccably. We can only wonder how they manage their work and household and manage children on top of that. Motherly instinct is so strong that it sometimes drives women to take actions which are questionable by the standards of the society. But these women do not think twice when it comes to providing for their family and they literally, do anything for it.

The Single Supermom

One of those women was 34 years old, Paige Birgfeld. This mother of 3 kids had been through two divorces already and just one is enough to wreck someone emotionally and mentally. However, Paige pulled it together and looked after herself and her children even after she had been through a great ordeal. As a mother, she did all for her kids- made sure they went to school and were able to take up the sports they desired. For this, she went through several jobs to support the family. However, Paige was living a secret life which no one knew about and it put her entire family at a great risk.