Losing something is never a nice feeling. We all have days when we by accident, lose something from our possession. Although it may just be a few bucks, losing any item of ours can bum us out immediately. So just imagine losing something valuable; with a lot of sentimental value. It would be devastating, right? Well, this woman lost one of her most prized possessions but later, she realized the bigger picture…

Something Gone

We can all relate to how sad it is when we lose an item of ours that has more or less become a part of ourselves. Most of us wear a necklace or a ring that holds sentimental value. It could have been a gift from a loved one or a purchase after so much work. So this lady was all of a sudden feeling rather strange. It felt naked and could sense that something of hers had gone missing.

Realizing Something

So this lady had been doing her daily chores and was tired of all the work she had done. It had been a busy day and now she was finally ready to get into bed and get a good night’s sleep. So she ran the faucet to wash her face and cleanse herself. But as she cupped her hands to splash the water, she was left in shock. She let out a loud scream right after…

Because Of Love

So what exactly did she lose then? Well, we all know that a couple often exchanges rings as a sign of devotion and promise to one another. This lady had been married to the love of her life. So she obviously wore a ring to signify their bond. And we all know that a ring is a symbol of undying love for couples across the globe and that every woman loves diamonds.

Losing A Ring

Then, if a ring that your lover gave to you was so precious, how would you feel if you happen to lose this? If your partner’s token of never-ending love met with a very terrible accident, how would that leave you? We all know that jewelry is something that every girl loves and adores, so losing it would be devastating. It would be worse if it came from a lover…

9 Long Years

So the time that this lady lost her ring was years ago. In fact, it had been 9 long years since the unfortunate incident had happened. Who is the lady to have met with this unfortunate accident? Well, her name is Paula Stanton of New Jersey. It was such an uneventful day when she was just doing errands in the house but soon realized what had transpired while in the bathroom.

An Off Feeling

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So after she was done with the kitchen and the living room, Paula wanted to go and clean the bathroom before taking a bath. And she was just done with a good scrubbing of the floor when she decided to just stand back and survey her work. She then prepared herself to take a bath when she suddenly felt an emptiness on her hands. Something strangely felt off.