As far as American high schools go, graduation and prom night are considered the milestones of every teenager’s school life. Prom night is a major event for seniors, especially for girls, for whom getting ready for prom is a lengthy and expensive process. And no matter how old you get, you always remember your prom night. Schools also understand the importance of prom night and do their best at making it memorable for everyone.

An all-boys High School in Miami took “keeping prom night memorable” to another level. On the night of the prom, when the massive crowd of students poured inside the venue, ready to make memories, they were not ready for what was waiting for them inside.

Final Year

The final year of high school was coming to an end and that could only mean one thing, it was time to celebrate, eat, drink, click selfies and dance all night! That’s right, prom was just at the horizon and the seniors were ready to party.

The High School

Christopher Columbus High School is an all-boys catholic private school in Miami, Florida. Founded back in 1958, their priorities and principles remain the same. They want to make Jesus acknowledged and loved by all as they prepare young men for their destinies. They have always nurtured a family spirit in their school.

End Of School Year

After working hard all year, the students of Christopher Columbus High School deserved a grand celebration night at their prom. And the school administration was aware of it. So they decided to go all out for the prom night celebration. But before ordering decoration and flyers, they needed to decide on this year’s theme.

Choosing The Theme

Last year’s prom night was a grand success. The carnival theme took the prom celebration to another level and everybody loved it. So this year needs to be bigger than that for sure. The committee began brainstorming ideas for the big night. Eventually, they finalized something extraordinary for the seniors.

Booking The Venue

Now that the theme was ready, a venue was needed to be picked out for the event. The school decided to book a local hotel and convention center. Once the details were finalized, it was time to print out the invites and send them out.

Welcome To The Jungle

The school administration announced the final theme of the prom night to be “Welcome to the jungle” aka a safari theme. Seniors were hyped for it, even though they were not entirely sure what entails a “jungle party”. But they were promised a night to remember, so they had their expectations set high.