Lions, tigers, snakes, and lizards are some of the animals whose names are enough to give most of the people sleepless nights. But, this man from Florida will certainly amaze you and tempt you to change your perception towards them in the most beautiful way. Moreover, he has dedicated his life to a very noble cause.

Meet Mike Holston

This man is Mike Holston a.k.a The Real Tarzan. He is very popular due to his amazing pictures with exotic animals, whom he holds with the best of ease just like this white ball of fur. The question is, how is he able to do this?

Zoo Keeper

Obviously, Mike Holston is a zookeeper. But, this does not take the credit away from him for being so friendly with these wild animals.Even “being friendly” seems to be too small a word while explaining what he does.


Mike loves all the animals equally, be it from lions to the smallest of frogs and spiders. This picture seems to show us that he likes to witness the color-changing ability of chameleons while holding them in his hand.

Cold Blooded Reptilian

Snakes are one of the most dreaded species. Even their name is enough to terrify most of us. But, somehow Mike manages to make them like him, even when they are known to be a cold-blooded reptile.

Underwater Activity

Not only the terrestrial animals, Mike even handles the aquatic ones very easily and calmly.This picture makes Mike look more like the comic book superhero Aquaman rather than Tarzan.

Growling Cheetah

If you just want to have an idea of how brave Mike is, just have a look at this picture. Even a cheetah’s growl can’t scare him! Although, the coolest pictures that Mike shares on social media are those where he is fooling around.