For far too long we’ve been conditioned to think that males and females realm should be separated. Be it hobbies, interests or clothing there is a clear distinction between the two genders. Sports is no different from this. There are two separate teams for men and women for each sport, and same goes for sporting championships.

Breaking Barriers

But perhaps it is time to break free from this mold and have a more radical approach to this. Not every athlete is of equal caliber, so male and female teams shouldn’t be segregated just on the basis of gender. And one such athlete is aspiring to do just that…

Making History

That athlete happens to be Becca Longo. She may seem like any other hardworking athlete but what sets her apart is the fact that she is on her way to becoming a well-known name in the world of football. Why is that? Because she is striving to become the first female athlete ever to play in the NFL! 

Her Athletic Prowess

With her athletic prowess, she fails to see why she should be relegated to the sidelines and not compete with the other male players. Becca is breaking the mold and showing the world that women are more than capable of competing with men. And her inspiration was another amazing female athlete!

The Inspiration

Inspiration came early for Becca at just 5-years-old when she sat in awe and witnessed the historical feat of Heidi Garrett as she kicked the longest ever field goal – 48 yards – during a competitive football game. Little did young Becca know that in just a matter of years she too would be making history…

Childhood Dreams

Becca had been athletic since she was a child, as she delved into sports such as soccer and basketball. She was keen on playing football too, but there were no provisions made for girls who wanted to play the sport. It was in high school she came to the realization that she had to be as good as her male counterparts to take part in the team. So what was her next step?

Pursuing Football

She divulged to her parents of her interest in being a kicker for her high school’s boy’s team. And no more than a week later, they were on their way to a kicking camp hosted by the Arizona Cardinals on the grounds of a nearby high school. Untrained and inexperienced, would Becca’s determination be enough to pull her through the trials?