We see our neighbors most of the days of our lives. But there are few neighbors with whom we become really close, right? So let us ask you something, what would you do if one sudden morning while going to work you see one of your neighbor sleeping in the car, obviously not yours. You might think, so what if my neighbor is sleeping in the car, that’s his personal choice. But won’t you be a little curious finding that person sleeping in the car continuously for several days? And remember that person has a home that’s why he is your neighbor. But what was the reason this woman was sleeping in her car even instead of the cozy bed in her house? This story is something incredible and the guy saw his old neighbor sleeping in her car. But why? The question took away his sleep and when this old lady told him the real reason he was bowled over by it. But what happened that made this guy burn down his house even when he knew his neighbor was living in a car.

Good Morning Neighbor

Kevin Burns was the person who saw his old woman neighbor sleeping in the car. For the first two-three days, he didn’t give this action of hers much of a thought but things started to bother him when she was still there sleeping in the car for over a week now. What could have happened to her? Kevin thought about it many times. Being a responsible neighbor he didn’t wait much longer and asked her.

What Happened To Ruth?

That’s Ruth’s black car and herself in the picture. Instead of living inside her house she found comfort in her small black car. There are times when we take some drastic steps in our lives. These big steps might seem weird to other people but we know what we are doing. Kevin was struggling with this same situation. This woman who had a nice house was living in the car, but why? He found out soon.