True Soulmates

Everything was going smooth. There were not big issues or difficulties that Brad Soden and his soon-to-be-wife Liz had to face. Their life together was looking pretty awesome. They were madly in love and were confident that they could face anything together. The two were sure that they were each other’s soulmate. They loved being together and getting through whatever life hands them, good or bad.

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3 Months Before

We all know that life never goes like planned. We can never be sure of what tomorrow holds for us. Therefore, it is always wise to spend every day that we get wisely and be grateful for it. Liz and Brad were about to realize that time is precious and that not everything is not under their control. Three months prior to their wedding day, life dealt handed them a difficult task that would test their relationship.

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To Build Something

Since he could not bear to see his darling fiance’s spirit being crushed, Brad knew that he had to get something done. He was hoping to build a solution to Liz’s problem right in his very own garage. There was a catch though, Brad never had any formal training in engineering, so he was not going to have to learn everything from scratch if he wanted to make this happen.


At Long Last

So Brad was set on doing something special for his lady love. Even though there were so many odds speaking against him, he was determined to make sure that Liz had a better life than she was expecting for herself. Later, in an interview, Brad  revealed that he had used up “two years and a bunch of beer” to build the first prototype model what he called “Tankchair.”

Hard Work Always Pays Off

“Everybody can whine and cry about stuff. Critics are so easy to find—you can’t swing a dead cow without hitting one,” Brad had told the interviewers, talking about good things take time and effort. The people working for Tankchair believe that they should take pride in finding solutions to debilitating problems. They get a gush of exhilaration when they hear about these stories.

All For Love

They say that in order to achieve something great and meaningful, all you need is an idea. We should remember that the Tankchair was created out of one man’s wish to see his wife smiling and happy again. This certainly makes it all the more special. If Brad had not dedicated his time to working on this multipurpose wheelchair, then none of this would have been possible. It is all due to true love and a brilliant idea.

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