True Soulmates

Everything was going smooth. There were not big issues or difficulties that Brad Soden and his soon-to-be-wife Liz had to face. Their life together was looking pretty awesome. They were madly in love and were confident that they could face anything together. The two were sure that they were each other’s soulmate. They loved being together and getting through whatever life hands them, good or bad. We can never be sure of what tomorrow holds for us. Therefore, it is always wise to spend every day that we get wisely and be grateful for it. Liz and Brad were about to realize that time is precious and that not everything is not under their control.

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At Long Last

So Brad was set on doing something special for his lady love. Even though there were so many odds speaking against him, he was determined to make sure that Liz had a better life than she was expecting for herself. Later, in an interview, Brad  revealed that he had used up “two years ” to build the first prototype model what he called “Tankchair.”

Telling The Media

Working on this brilliant invention was something that Brad was highly passionate about. He wished to help his wife however way he could and without any prior training or knowledge, he built a brand new chair from scratch. Since this was indeed a marvelous feat, it intrigued the media and public to know more about the chair. Brad was happy to explain the functions of this chair.

The Function

In an interview he gave, Brad gladly explained how this amazing chair functions. “You have sons that got a football game on a muddy field? Cross it. You want to go fishing with your buddies? Go fishing. If it snows?” he explained excitedly. So now you can get the gist of how this basically works. It would give people like his wife a chance and the ability to explore the outdoors like never before.

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Opening A Store

Since his wife benefited a lot from chair, it was clear that other people who are in the similar position would do too. And keeping in mind all the people who needed it, Brad soon opened up a shop meant to sell Tank chairs. As you might have already guessed, this was a huge success and the people who needed it was more than pleased.