In just a matter of seconds, car accidents can jeopardize your whole life. The impact and force can lead to some of the most serious injuries one could ever suffer from. One example would be the story of Liz Soden. Next to her then-fiancé, Brad, the family accidentally went off the road and hit an embankment. Because of the crash, she was left paralyzed from the waist down. Brad was driving, so he could not stop feeling guilty. So he decided to do something about it, something incredible…

True Soulmates

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Everything was going smooth. There were not big issues or difficulties that Brad Soden and his soon-to-be-wife Liz had to face. Their life together was looking pretty awesome. They were madly in love and were confident that they could face anything together. The two were sure that they were each other’s soulmate. They loved being together and getting through whatever life hands them, good or bad.

3 Months Before

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We all know that life never goes like planned. We can never be sure of what tomorrow holds for us. Therefore, it is always wise to spend every day that we get wisely and be grateful for it. Liz and Brad were about to realize that time is precious and that not everything is not under their control. Three months prior to their wedding day, life dealt handed them a difficult task that would test their relationship.

Unexpected Happenings

This was just an ordinary ride in the car, nothing was different from other times the whole family went traveling. Brad was the one in the driver’s seat of his truck while Liz was in the front, next to him. Also, their kids were in the back of the truck. Everyone was not expecting anything to happen as they went to their destination. But then suddenly, out of nowhere, the front tire blew.

Minor And Major Injuries

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And since no one was expecting this to happen, it took everyone by surprise, leaving no time for anyone to take precautions. And before Brad or Liz could even process what took place, the car crashed into an embankment on the roadside with heavy force. Brad and the kids were left with just minor injuries and scrapes. Liz, on the other hand, was not so fortunate.

Heartbreaking News

The family all rushed to the hospital straight after. And when they reached the hospital, Liz was told that she was now paralyzed and would never be able to walk again. This was such a devastating blow to the family as it all happened so suddenly. Liz did not want to worry her family and tried hard to keep her emotions bottled, but Brad was able to see that she was not fine at all.

His Motivation

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Since he was the one driving the truck, he felt an immense amount of guilt to see that the accident had left his loving fiance paralyzed. Liz was now a handicapped person, just because of the accident that had taken place while everyone was riding the truck. Since he could tell that she was not feeling alright, Brad took this as a motivation to do something other would deem impossible for his lover.