Belly fat has been a hot topic for ages. Girls freak out even if a little bit of fat starts accumulating around their belly and today boys too remain equally concerned. But hardly anyone wants to put an effort to reduce it. All they want is a tonic that could just make them get into shape without doing exercise and workout. But what if a person is an athlete and exercising is in his routine? Kavin was one of those people who would not leave his exercise even for a day, then what might have happened his belly fat increased as much as a 9-month pregnant woman?

Meet Kavin Daly

Kavin was a financial planner in one of the most reputed firm and unlike other people, he was satisfied with his job. He was doing what he loved to do and found peace at his workplace which was really rare. Most people in this era need money for their Gucci bag and Rolex watch but they don’t want to earn it rather grab it from someone else.